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Waste Water Recovery in Sacramento, California

waste water recovery

Top Priority: Keeping Our Environment Safe

The environment is very important to those at J & A Steam Cleaning, especially since the beautiful Sacramento and American rivers run so close. Those in the community have been entrusted with the responsibility of keeping them clean and ensure the flora and fauna are protected. Together, we can clean your parking lot or building and be confident that we have not harmed our rivers. 

What Improper Pressure Washing Can Do

Improper pressure washing can cause harmful materials and toxins to enter the local ecosystem through the city drain system. If the materials used in the job are not friendly to the environment, it can adversely affect the nature in your area. 

We Pressure Wash PROPERLY

At J & A, we adhere strictly to every EPA standard in order to protect the environment we live in. Every cleaning we provide also includes wastewater recovery, so we can dispose of the materials properly rather than letting it seep into our environment. Even though we properly dispose of the dirty water, our EPA approved cleaner will not hurt the flora or fauna near your property as we clean. 

EPA Compliant

Along with properly disposing of the water we use to clean your property, we only use cleaner that has been EPA approved. That means that the cleaning agents in our cleaning materials will not harm the environment and can safely be used.

Areas We Clean

We clean parking structures and commercial and civil buildings in Sacramento, California. In the surrounding areas, we serve Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Chico, Vacaville and Stockton. Our services apply to both commercial and civil structures.

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